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Join father-son authors and paranormal adventurers Paul & Ben Eno, with their 65+ years of experience in the field, for the most refreshingly thoughtful paranormal show around since 2008. Take in their interviews with eminent experts and everyday experiencers alike (who are sometimes one and the same), along with on-location shows and panel discussions from conferences and their own case sites. Their unique and progressive theories and methods are brought to bear on everything from ghosts, UFOs, cryptids and phenomena that don't even have names yet, to questions about God, the afterlife, the nature of consciousness and the very fabric of reality. Everything you know is wrong.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. SHOW #903: July 11, 2021 - "Open lines" with Paul, Ben & Rick Eno

    The Eno Trio gets together again to tackle some deep questions from listeners and callers on haunted objects, time slips, the nature of demons, and adventures in the Bridgewater Triangle. See the video of this show. ...


  2. Show #902: July 4, 2021 - "Conversations with Col. Corso" with Paola Leopizzi Harris (Rebroadcast of Show #882)

    Journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris, a legend in the UFO community, joined us to share personal memories of working with one of the top military whistleblowers in the Roswell Crash Case, Col. Philip Corso, author of the blockbuster book "The Day After Roswell." Corso's own alien contacts, his belief in the ...


  3. Show #901: June 27, 2021 - "UFOS: The Real Story" with Paul Ascough (1240 AM & 99.5 FM)

    Paul & Ben welcomed 50-year British UFO and paranormal researcher Paul Ascough, whose first book bears such an intriguing title. Looking at the "bigger picture," Paul believes the UFO phenomenon is intimately entwined with other areas of the paranormal, and will share many of his own experiences. The discussion began, ...


  4. Show #900: June 20, 2021 - "Open Lines and Surprises" with Paul Eno, Marc Dantonio & Peter William Shelley (1240 AM & 99.5 FM)

    For our 900th official broadcast, the audience heard some great listener questions and some surprise visitors. Astronomer, MUFON researcher and media personality Marc Dantonio sat in for Ben Eno. And there was a surprise guest co-host as well: The mysterious "Peter" from South America (American English teacher and UFO podcaster ...


  5. Show #899: June 13, 2021 - 'UFOs, Dogmen and More in California" with Dev Rugne (1240 AM & 99.5 FM)

    Upright canine cryptids, the bizarre UC Berkeley alien experiment of 1981 and more featured as Paul, Ben and special guest co-host Rick Eno welcomed 40-year UFO and cryptid investigator Devlin "Dev" Rugne to the show for the first time. MUFON's assistant state director for northern California, Dev shared some incredible ...