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Join father-son authors and paranormal adventurers Paul & Ben Eno, with their 65+ years of experience in the field, for the most refreshingly thoughtful paranormal show around since 2008. Take in their interviews with eminent experts and everyday experiencers alike (who are sometimes one and the same), along with on-location shows and panel discussions from conferences and their own case sites. Their unique and progressive theories and methods are brought to bear on everything from ghosts, UFOs, cryptids and phenomena that don't even have names yet, to questions about God, the afterlife, the nature of consciousness and the very fabric of reality. Everything you know is wrong.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Show #127: April 10, 2010 - 'Open Lines' with Paul Eno

    The elder of our father-son duo takes the hour today to tackle some thoughtful questions from listeners on many paranormal topics. ...


  2. Show #128 - April 11, 2010: 'Return to Rendlesham Radio Specials: Show #1' Hour 3 (CBS Radio)

    In 2010 and 2011, 'Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno' presented this historic series to mark the 30th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incidents (RFI) of 1980, in which US Air Force personnel, including high-ranking officers, encountered dramatic UFO sightings, landings and (some believe) missing ...


  3. Show #126: April 4, 2010 - 'The Flatwoods Monster' with Frank Feschino (CBS Radio)

    Was the alleged monster seen by multiple witnesses in Braxton County, West Virginia, in 1952 actually a UFO occupant? Who was the 'Lizard Man'? What other monsters lurk in the Appalachian Mountains, and West Virginia in particular? Researcher, author and West Virginia native Frank Feschino appears on the ...


  4. Show #125: April 3, 2010 - 'Tough Times and the Paranormal' with Murray Silver

    Paranormal Renaissance man Murray Silver returns to the show to tackle questions like: What’s it like to encounter your own ancestors during a paranormal investigation? What do you do if entities follow you home? How do you keep your feet on the ground when the paranormal is your ...


  5. MONTHLY SPECIAL Hour 2: March 28, 2010 - 'Crop Circles and Sacred Places' with Freddy Silva (Achieve Radio)

    What are crop circles? Why did people build temples and churches in certain places? How were ancient people able to maintain stable civilizations for thousands of years while ours is so messed up? Internationally renowned author and speaker Freddy Silva, one of the world’s leading researchers of ancient ...